Whats Coming Up In June

PiplupU: Hey peeps. 😛 Visit my new site by clicking here. The site is going to be all about the new upcoming games Pokemon Black and White.

Hey everyone! It’s nearly June, and that means Summer ’10 is almost here! There’s going to be lots of new things happening during this summer. Billybob has told us that there’s going to be even more new things for agents, and a TON of stuff for those of you who like the sea.

The first picture is probably going to be some type of pirate party or something? It’s surely going to involve something with sand and probably ships. Maybe Rockhopper’s going to come and party with us? The first one looks like something for the EPF agents, probably a new mini game or mission. The last one is probably an outfit that’ll be coming for the clothes catalog. Well, those are my guesses. What do you all think?


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  1. Sorry, it took me awhile to get here. Busy, you know. Hehehe. I already knew about Pokemon White and Black. It’s been going on around my church. But I didn’t know it was coming in 2011. Damn… hate waiting so long :lol:. Zekrom is a new Pokemon? Wow, I want him as much as you do. How old are you exactly Pip?

  2. I think Rockhopper is having their Pirate Party, again :roll:.

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