Club Penguin Times Issue #243

Hey everyone! There’s something coming to Club Penguin. Possibly one of the greatest parties on Club Penguin…The Island Adventure Party! Ok, I don’t really know if this party will really be the greatest party, but last years Adventure Party was really fun.

This Island Adventure Party is going to be interesting because of the varieties of “adventures” we’ll be having. There’s going to be secret forts, nautical games, and even places mermaids would love! A scavenger hunt and some seafaring battles will also be included in this party. The Island Adventure party is expected to come to the island on June 18.

Rockhopper is also coming just in time for the party! Well, I think he is. Penguins are going to set up a box with rockets in them and with those rockets we’re going to send flares in the sky. That’ll help Rockhopper spot us. Oh, and I think they did this once long time ago in Club Penguin…

Well, here’s the Upcoming Events!


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  1. Hey is it okay if I ask why did you remove me off your blogroll?

  2. Hi. I’m Snowborber. I’m hosting a bonfire party, and the owner of this blog and everyone who commented is invited! There will be a winner, too! The winner will recieve a spot as the first Penguin of the Month in my blog! For more information, go to

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