Adventure Party Preparations & More!

Hey everyone! You’ve probably seen the boxes that are scattered all over the island. Well, those boxes are for the Adventure Party which is coming to Club Penguin on June 18. The boxes are filled with plants and other things that you’d expect would be at an adventure party. You can find ’em at the Cove, Town, Plaza, and Beach. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Another interesting item has also been placed in Club Penguin. If you look at the picture at the Beach, you’ll see the Flare Flinger 3000! All you do is click on it, and it sends up a flare in the air. This will help Rockhopper spot us and the island.

Last but not least, the EPF Command Room is finally complete! On June 10, the VR Room was finally added. To go to the VR Room, you’ll have to step into this tube that’ll transport you there.

In the VR Room you can change it into the PSA HQ. Although it’s only a hologram, it still brings back memories… Anyway, you can also complete PSA Missions by clicking on the humongous computer on the right side. You can change the HQ into the 2005 version, the 2007 version, and the 2010 version when Herbert destroyed it.


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  1. Wow, love the VR room! Oh yeah, I remember the flares last year!!!! 😀

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