Club Penguin’s First Field Ops Mission Cheats

Hey everyone. Today is the day when the first Field Ops mission began. When you first log into Club Penguin, you’ll see that your Elite Spy Phone is flashing. Click on it, and a message will come. After reading it, click on Go There.

You’ll be teleported to the EPF Command Room after clicking on Go There. Once your there, click on the computer screen that says Field Ops. On the computer screen, Gary will tell you about Herbert planting a popcorn explosive device near a big letter “S”.

The place that popped up in my mind was either the Town or Plaza. I went to the Plaza, but it wasn’t anywhere there. So it’s at the Town. Click on the record in the “S” to find the explosive.

After clicking on that, your EPF Spy Phone will start blinking and you’ll have to click on it. Than click on Engage, and something will pop up that shows the inside of the device. You’ll have to detonate it before it causes any harm. To do that, you’ll have to match those little circles with their pair. You have only one minute to do it, and can keep on doing it until you’ve done it right.

After the puzzle, you’ll receive one Career Badge. This can be used to redeem items from the Elite Gear store.

The only items non-members can obtain is a lousy EPF Earpiece that isn’t even visible on your penguin when you wear it. You can access the Elite Gear store from your EPF Spy Phone by clicking on it, and than clicking on the button that’s labeled Elite Gear.


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  1. thanks really help i would of never gest

  2. =DD thanks.
    PiplupU: 😮 It’s you!

  3. My Phone isn’t going off i already beat mission 11 first though does that matter?

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