Adventure Party ’10 Cheats

Hey everyone! The Adventure Party is finally out, and I under estimated what Club Penguin would do. I thought the party wouldn’t be that fun, and I was proved wrong! The music, the decorations, and the fun is just awesome! Well, lets start with the scavenger hunt cheats. I’m just going to put them in a complete random order.

The first one is at the town in a wooden cup.

The second one is at the Plaza, right behind the blue puffle.

The third one is at the Snow Forts, right behind the bush next to the Stadium entrance.

The fourth one is at forest, in front of the boulder.

The fifth one is at the Hidden Lake. To go to the Hidden Lake faster, roll your mouse over the boulder to find a secret entrance. Take that entrance, and you’ll be at the Hidden Lake!

The sixth one is at the Beach, right above the Lighthouse door.

The seventh one is found on a tree at the Ice Berg.

The last one is above the wooden sign of the pirate puffle at the Ski Village.

When you’re done the scavenger hunt thing that has all your papers boats should pop up. When it does, click on Build the Map.

This is what your map should look like once it’s done.

After completing the map successfully, you’ll be able to receive a cool Treasure Cove background!

Once you accept the background, a letter will appear saying the following:

Immediately go to the Cove, take out your Mining Helmet, and start drilling on the X by pressing “D” on your keyboard. Remember, wear only your mining helmet on your penguin, nothing else. If you wear something else on your penguin, for example a friendship bracelet, than your penguin won’t be able to drill. After drilling for a while, you’ll find a Pirate Bandanna! Congrats!

Members can also pick up a free shirt called Marooned Outfit. It’s located at the Tree Forts, you can go there by climbing the ladder at the Forest.

Oh, and have any of you members checked out the Battle Boat room? There’s two teams, the Pirates and Captains. To go to that room you can either go Captain territory, which is the Beach, or Pirate territory, which is the Cove. Once you’re at the Beach/Cove, step on the boats with the arrows on them.

Who’s side are you on?

Battle Boats Room – Click Here


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  1. Hey! I like this party a lot! And to your question, I have a large list of CP Swf’s on my blog including rooms and music. For the party rooms, you just add party where the room name is, so it’s a little bit of guess and check!

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