Field Ops Cheats – Week 2

(I wrote this part early in the morning, before the weekly mission came out) Hey everyone. You know how Club Penguin told us that they’ll be having newly field ops missions for us every week, well it’s been a week and there still hasn’t been a new one. The first one was released last week on Tuesday. Seems like Club Penguin needs to know how long a week is! xP

Ok people, calm down. 😛 It just came out a few hours ago. Anyway, first step is to go to the EPF Command Room and accept your mission.

Than go to the Ski Hill and and get near the pole. It took me awhile, but my EPF Spy Phone finally found the location.

To complete this mission, you’ll have to maneuver your micro battery through the maze. You have to get the micro battery into the Power Up zones, remember to go to the Recharge zone after each two Power Up zones you go to. If you get hit by those zapping things while on your way to a Power Up zone, go back to the Recharging zone. Hope that helps!


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  1. ya their is a new field op i tried to finish it but i can not figure it out soooo……

    you should have a cheat

  2. it is out! well if you checked it this morning then nothing is ever ready in the morning.well… just…DONT CHECK FOR NEW STUFF IN THE MORNING!NEVER READY THEN!thanks.sorry if you found this offencive!
    PiplupU: Uhh…Thanks for commenting, and no offense was taken. I edited your comment a little by removing all the exclamation marks it had. Please stop using so many “!” in your sentences. Thanks. 😉

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    PiplupU: I have a feeling you’re not the real, Chrisdog93.

  4. This was hard but I finally beat It!
    PiplupU: Marc! What’s up!?

  5. thanks i was wondering why there was a big crowd there. I could not even see the bottom of the pole!!

  6. bluesky here! i cant figure out the second field op. u need to come up with a cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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