Club Penguin Times Issue #245

Hey everyone. A new issue of Club Penguin Times came out, and the first article is about the Adventure Party. Just remember that the party is going to end on the 27th, so remember to check out all the cool adventures before it’s all gone!

On July 2nd, a new Penguin Style Catalog will be coming out, and in that catalog will be a lot of instruments coming to Club Penguin. These instruments will be compatible with the Lighthouse sound system. This means that you’ll be able to hear your instruments when you play them in the Lighthouse.

Here’s the Upcoming Events!

Is it possible the next party is going to be the Music Jam ’10? The reason I think that’s going to be the next party is because last year right after the Adventure Party there was the Music Jam party. Also, in this weeks newspaper they’re talking about music, and that girl penguin in that picture is wearing a t-shirt from the Music Jam party last year. That article also says that more music is on the way! So yea, the next party is definitely going to be the Music Jam ’10.

This picture is from last year.

Click here to see last years Music Jam cheats.


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