Club Penguin Times Issue #247

Hey everyone. It’s nearly 1:00 AM my time, and surprisingly I’m not really sleepy. Since it’s summer, my regular bedtime is 1:30 AM. I don’t really stay up on the computer that late, it was only today. Anyway, I’m guessing I’m the only site to post about this issue of the newspaper so early, so lets get started.

The Music Jam is nearly here! Since everything usually seems to come a day earlier, there’s a 50% chance that the Music Jam will start this evening. This party is defintely going to be a blast! (Check the post below for some posssible Music Jam info)

Yup, you see what the picture says. Its time for you all to learn how to start a conga line in Club Penguin. xD Anyway, I think they included “how to start a conga line” in the newspaper because of the exclusive member room during the Music Jam. That room is called the Casa Fiesta, so a conga line defintely suits it. Anyway, here’s the steps to a successful conga line!

There was also something in the newspaper that was very interesting to me. It was in the classifed folder and it talked about some cool stuff. It said that you could now dance with your guitar and t-shirt, but when I tried it out it didn’t work. There was also something about Conga Drums. The Conga Drums may be the free item for members, OR it will probably be one of the instruments that will be released on July 15.

Well, here’s the Upcoming Events!


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