Music Jam ’10 Cheats!

Hey everyone! I thought the party would’ve been out a little later, but it seems like the creators made the party early. Well, here’s the cheats!

Pick up your cool blue headphones at the Cove. The weird thing is, last year they gave out green headphones to non-members. Club Penguin really needs to think of better items for non-members.

Well, that’s all the items for non-members. Let’s move on to members! You can obtain a Music Jam shirt at Backstage. You can go to Backstage by either going through the door in the Casa Fiesta room, or by going to the Dock and going through the door in the stage. You could meet the Penguin Band here last year, so I’m guessing it’s the same this year.

The other free item for members is called the Boombox. It was available last year, and is this year too. All you have to do is go to the Rooftop, which is located inside the Night Club. Just go inside the Night Club, go upstairs to the Dance Lounge, and take the stairs up to the Rooftop. You can also meet Cadence up here, this is where I met her last year.

Do some of you want to see what the exclusive member rooms look like? Well click on the names of the rooms to see what it looks like.

Casa Fiesta



The Music Jam is the best party in Club Penguin, and it gets even better every year! Remember to check out EVERYTHING while this party lasts!


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