Pokemon Black & White Japanese & English Pre-Orders

Hey everyone. Do any of you want to pre-order the Japanese versions of Pokemon Black or White? Well, click on the game you want, and it’ll lead you to a site called Play Asia. This is not a joke or a scam, it’s a REALLY good site where you can order games. I have ordered myself a game on this website, and I can assure you this site is not a lie. I won’t be able to know which game you pick or anything, but if you do pre-order I’ll get some points which I can use for some stuff. So please if you can, pre-order one of these Japanese Pokemon Black or White games! They will be shipped to you on September 18, 2010. Thank you!

So, any of you want to order the English version of Pokemon Black and White? Just click on Reshiram for Pokemon Black and Zekrom for Pokemon White. These games will be shipped to you on the release date of the English versions.


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  1. I would order if I understood Japanese xD

    PiplupU: Why not order for the fun of it?

  2. theclubpenguincode

    I see you are a Pokemon fan…COOL!

    For Everything CP, Visit My Website,

    Pingu Pingey

  3. I don’t understand Japanese but I have a book that shows you pokemon names in japanese I would end up naming myself clefairy or something dumb! LOL! But the good thing about having a Japanese game is that you can get the events earlier than any where else in the world!

    PiplupU: Haha! Yea, Japanese games do get the events earlier and it’s cool how you have a book about Japanese pokemon names. 🙂

  4. »iDragon™«aкa ƒινєѕтaятa¢σ╚★╝ρωη нaя∂ σя ∂ιє тяуιηg╚★╝

    Yesh! I don’t feel lonely playing pokemon 😀

  5. »iDragon™«aкa ƒινєѕтaятa¢σ╚★╝ρωη нaя∂ σя ∂ιє тяуιηg╚★╝

    BTW, it’s not a joke right? I want to pre-order one cuz I play the Japanese version for a challenge,then play the english one,so I can understand it. I’m just siked that I’m not the only person who plays cp and plays pokemon :D. Before you call me a “dude” I’m a girl lol

    PiplupU: lol! I was actually about to call you dude until I read the last part. Anyway, no this is not a joke or anything this is all real. I’m trying to get atleast 50 people to pre-order this. Once September 18 comes, it ships out to you and I earn $3.59 for each one. When I get the money, I’m gonna try to buy Pokemon Black than. My parents think it’s dumb getting a Japanese game when you don’t even understand it, so that’s why I can’t buy one with their credit card.

  6. Pip I can’t go on chat anymore so I guess I’ll talk to you on here.

  7. theclubpenguincode

    Pokemon! Go Blastoise. LOL!

    For Everything CP, Visit My Website,

    Pingu Pingey

  8. Why can’t you go on chat anymore Bird? What if I make a page called chat and I put my xat chat inside on that page.

  9. Long story pip, ok that sounds cool

  10. Wait is it something about a cell phone bill? Oh, and I can’t figure out how to put the chat on a page.

  11. Yep -.-

  12. oh yeah forgot to tell you my bike got stolen on Thursday 😦

  13. Really? Wow… July just wasn’t your month.

  14. yeah ikr

  15. hey dude. if i e-mail you with ur email adress will u reply?

  16. delete that after you got it

  17. Pip he said to delete it. Anyways, did you pre-order the game?

    PiplupU: Yea, I know. I deleted it right now. It’s just that he comments a lot so it approves his comments automatically. Oh, and no I haven’t pre-ordered the game. I’m trying to see if I can make enough money on this to actually buy the game.

  18. theclubpenguincode

    Go Magikarp, BLOW UP ARCEUS! *Team Rocket* Team Rocket are blasting off again! Darn Magikarp, it can learn Hyper Beam? LOL!

  19. Hey Pip if your a Linkin Park fan The Catalyst is out now :D.

  20. Hey, I’m a Linkin Park fan!!! This gravatar IS the band. Didn’t you notice?!?! Pip, Bird is back and posting on his posts. And the Catalyst IS out?

  21. Hi Pip,
    I invite you to take a look at our two latest posts – Blogging How To #1 and our very first phone entry! Cool, hu? Take a look at http://www.farmvillevalley.wordpress.com/.
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  22. Oh come on, Pip is a master at blogging I’m sure he doesn’t need his time wasted. No offense Gil.

    PiplupU: Well, I’m not really a master blogger. 😆 But that’s okay, I do visit Gil’s blog a lot.

  23. Bye Pip it was nice knowing u…. lol jk going camping so I’ll be back on Sat ;D bai.

    PiplupU: Okay, bai! xP

  24. Pip, I now have my week post. Check it out! 😀

  25. Hey, dude. How did you add a Sticky Post?

  26. I see that you changed the topic of this site.

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