New Instruments!

Hey everyone. Today three new instruments were added to the catalog Backstage. Technically, it’s only two new instruments since the Acoustic Guitar is old. Anyway, the instruments that were added were the Acoustic Guitar, Orange Double Necked Guitar, and the Tambourine.

Have fun with the new instruments! Oh, and remember that the Music Jam ends on July 18.

After six days of being on stage, the Penguin Band has finally taken a break! This means that we’ll now have a chance to meet them Backstage!


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  1. This is Shrinee from CP Berg. Would you like to use the CP Berg Pin Widget?

    If you’re interested or not, please respond.

  2. AWESOME! I am a HUGE fan of yours!


  3. Chewy / Kingpin2

    Why hello there. Thought I’d leave a comment on your blog aswell.

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