Stamp Book Glitch?

Hey everyone. My membership ended recently, and I decided to see if my Stamp Book was the way it was when I was a member. Well when I checked, a little pop up came and it said my Stamp Book is in storage and I need to become a member to unlock it. It’s exactly what happens when you check how your igloo looked when you used to be a member. You click on the box, and it shows a small version of the way your igloo used to be. Anyway, this time there was a little mix up. It said that this is how my Stamp Book looked.

Has this happened to you guys? My Stamp Book looked way different than that. First of all, I don’t even have that Astro Ship pin! What if this is Rsnail’s Stamp Book? Maybe since my name is Rsnail 1st on Club Penguin, they mistook it for Rsnail? Well, tell me what you think in the comments!


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  1. Great post and website!

    I have a website also which I am currently relaunching after a long of delay of posting nothing lol!

    I’m hosting a celebration to celebrate the relaunch this Saturday and you’re invited! There will be a celebration on Club Penguin and a free one month membership giveaway immediately after!

    For more information visit and invite your friends!


  2. wow that stinks for you (about membership) and it’s funny because it isn’t your stamp book! also nice site! šŸ˜‰

    PiplupU: Yea I know, it stinks. šŸ˜¦ But yea, it was funny. lol

  3. Imagine the pin pops up in your inventory xP

  4. I’m SOOOOOO glad you viewed my site! I think ur site rocks too.

    PiplupU: Haha! No problem. šŸ˜‰ Whoever comments here, I always check their blog and post a comment. Well, not always, but you know what I mean.

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