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Inkayacu paracasensis – A new giant penguin

Today paleontologists found a giant penguin that’s more than a thousand years old and they found some very interesting facts about it. Search Inkayacu paracasensis to see more.


I Quit!

Hey everybody I quit Club Penguin blogging. The end. Sorry ’bout that. I think I’m gonna move to Pokemon Blogging at . I’ll start there as soon as possible.

How To Rotate Club Penguin Stamps

Hey everyone. Unfortunately this little post is for members only since only members are able to use stamps. Anyway, did you know you could rotate your stamps on your stamp book? Here’s how:

1. Click on your playercard, and click on the stamps button.

2. Your stamp book will pop up and than click on the pencil on the bottom right hand corner.

3. After you’ve clicked on the pencil, click on the stamp you’d like to rotate. Than use your left and right arrow keys to rotate the picture.

Here’s how it’ll look. Have fun!


Hey everyone. Uhh… I have a little question for you all. Do any of you read and understand Japanese? Leave a comment if you do! Please!

Sorry for not posting!

Hey everyone. I’m really sorry for not posting lately. I’ve just been updating and adding lots of pages to my Pokemon website that’s all about Pokemon Black & White. I haven’t made any posts on that site, but I have been fixing it up a little. I will soon continue to make posts shortly. Thanks for still coming. 🙂

Click here to go to my Pokemon Black & White site.

Low Hits…

Uhm… The hits are going down day by day. I’d really appreciate if you could suggest this site to others or come here often…

Check out the post below!


Hey everyone. I’m extremely sorry for not posting anything this month. School has been very important to me lately, and I’m trying my best to have all A’s this year on my report card. I’ve also been nominated for this very important thing in my school, and I have to do lots of things in order to join that group. I have to answer all these papers, than write an essay, an interview, and maybe more! Therefore, I’d like to sincerely apologize for not posting anything. Thanks to everybody who still kept on visiting! Because of you all, I’ve come this far.

Upcoming Nintendo Events

March 14 – “Heart Gold & Soul Silver” come to North America

March 28 – “DSi XL” is released in North America for $190

May 23 – “Super Mario Galaxy 2” is released in North America

June 27 – “Metroid: Other M” is released in North America

Scroll Down For Info About The Jirachi Event

Posting From Wii

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting about CP. I can’t really tell you the reason why, but I’ll be making regular posts soon. Oh, and thanks for the 18,000 hits! If it weren’t for “ya’ll” I wouldn’t have ever been this far!
( You guys don’t know how long it took me to type this on the Wii…)

What’s Up?

Hellooooo EVERYBODY!!! I’m on my Blackberry posting this… BTW, I got Wi-Fi… So maybe I could challenge people on SSBB… Anyways, I’m bored that’s why I decided to post this.