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Mountain Expedition – Coming Soon

Hey everyone. The Mountain Expedition is almost near, and I felt like I should make a little post about it to inform you all.

First of all, here’s why the Mountain Expedition is gonna start. It all started with two brave jetpackers flying around for no apparent reason, when they suddenly spotted something out of the ordinary. Although their jetpacks aren’t able to support them to get high enough to see whats at the top of the mountain, they do know that something is there for sure.

So, starting on August 13 we’ll be able to climb the enormous mountain and explore and see the mysteries that await us. I wonder what there is on Club Penguin mountains? Maybe we’ll find Herbert and his accomplice hiding somewhere, right? Well, we’re just going to have to wait and see what’s up there.

Oh, and there has also been some preparation for this Mountain Expedition. As you can see, there are tea kettles, pots, and life preservers. I wonder what that box full of decorations is for? It seems like it contains a cardboard cloud and mountain. There’s also a sled with a couple of wooden logs, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, and some pizza (yum!)

Ok, well that’s about it! Remember to buy your essential mountain gear at the Gift Shop, and await your journey to climb the mountain starting on August 13th.

I forgot to mention this. August 13th, is going to be on a Friday. Which means that this adventure to climb a mountain will start on Friday the 13th. Do you think something bad will happen while we climb the mountain? Leave your comments below!


Club Penguin Stamps Guide

Hey everyone. The stamps feature is finally out, and this post will explain everything about it. This feature came out yesterday, July 27. Anyway, I was a little too busy to post about it, but now I can.

First of all, when this update happened something else also happened too. The main menu for all the Club Penguin games changed. And unfortunately, many of the games are now members only. For example, survival mode and competition mode in the surfing game is now for members. You can only do a few levels on astro barrier, until you reach the members only part. What’s happening to Club Penguin. 😦

The stamps feature has been a big hit, and it’s also very fun. To earn stamps, you’ll have to do certain things to earn them. To see how many stamps you have, just click on yourself and you’ll see.

When you click on the stamp button, your stamp book will pop up! Here’s how it’ll first look.

If you’re a member, you’ll also be able to edit the cover of your stamp book! Just click on the pencil on the bottom right hand corner.

After that, you’ll be shown the editing screen. You’ll be able to scroll around to see your stamps and pins and than put them on the cover of your stamp book. You can also change the color, highlight, pattern, and icon!

If you’re curious about how many stamps your friend has, just click on them, and than click on the stamp button. You’ll than be able to see what stamps your friend has.

Well, hope you have fun earning stamps! Oh, and here’s two new backgrounds that Club Penguin added to the login screen.

Music Jam ’10 Cheats!

Hey everyone! I thought the party would’ve been out a little later, but it seems like the creators made the party early. Well, here’s the cheats!

Pick up your cool blue headphones at the Cove. The weird thing is, last year they gave out green headphones to non-members. Club Penguin really needs to think of better items for non-members.

Well, that’s all the items for non-members. Let’s move on to members! You can obtain a Music Jam shirt at Backstage. You can go to Backstage by either going through the door in the Casa Fiesta room, or by going to the Dock and going through the door in the stage. You could meet the Penguin Band here last year, so I’m guessing it’s the same this year.

The other free item for members is called the Boombox. It was available last year, and is this year too. All you have to do is go to the Rooftop, which is located inside the Night Club. Just go inside the Night Club, go upstairs to the Dance Lounge, and take the stairs up to the Rooftop. You can also meet Cadence up here, this is where I met her last year.

Do some of you want to see what the exclusive member rooms look like? Well click on the names of the rooms to see what it looks like.

Casa Fiesta



The Music Jam is the best party in Club Penguin, and it gets even better every year! Remember to check out EVERYTHING while this party lasts!

Music Jam Guesses…

Hey everyone. I don’t know if the title really made sense, but I have some guesses of what the Music Jam will have this year. First of all, this is what I think the new All Access Pass is.

The All Access Pass allows you to go backstage at the huge stage at the Dock. I don’t know if they’ll change the location this year, I doubt it. I think this year there might be three exclusive member rooms. The first Music Jam in ’08 had only one member room which was the backstage. The ’09 Music Jam had two member rooms, the backstage and the night club roof. So this year, they’re probably going to keep the roof room, or not keep it. The newest member room this year is called the Casa Fiesta room. Anyway, here’s what the new member item may be. It’s a tamborine, and it seems like it would suit the new room which is called “Casa Fiesta”.

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Field Ops Cheats – Week 3

Hey everyone. A new field ops has finally arrived, and here’s how to beat it. Firstly, go to the EPF Command Room to accept your mission.

Than head to the forest, put your mouse over the big boulder, and go down the ladder. Than go to the room on the right side of the Hidden Lake. Once inside, get near the big lightbulb. Your EPF Spy Phone will than start ringing.

You’ll have to match the circuits with each other, just like you did for the first field ops.

Club Penguin Times Issue #245

Hey everyone. A new issue of Club Penguin Times came out, and the first article is about the Adventure Party. Just remember that the party is going to end on the 27th, so remember to check out all the cool adventures before it’s all gone!

On July 2nd, a new Penguin Style Catalog will be coming out, and in that catalog will be a lot of instruments coming to Club Penguin. These instruments will be compatible with the Lighthouse sound system. This means that you’ll be able to hear your instruments when you play them in the Lighthouse.

Here’s the Upcoming Events!

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Adventure Party ’10 Cheats

Hey everyone! The Adventure Party is finally out, and I under estimated what Club Penguin would do. I thought the party wouldn’t be that fun, and I was proved wrong! The music, the decorations, and the fun is just awesome! Well, lets start with the scavenger hunt cheats. I’m just going to put them in a complete random order.

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Club Penguin Times Issue #224

Hey everyone! A new issue of Club Penguin Times came out today, and the most interesting article is the one about the Adventure Party! There’s going to be a scavenger hunt, possible some treasure digging, and a training place at the Tree Forts! So remember to get your gear ready, because the Adventure Party is tomorrow! It’ll end on June 27, so this party is going to be pretty long!

Also, Rockhopper has been spotted at the Beacon! To see his ship, click on the big telescope. It seems like Rockhopper saw the flares we were sending up, and immediately decided to come here. Rockhopper will arrive on June 21, six days before the Adventure party will end.

Last but not least, the Upcoming Events!

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Club Penguin’s First Field Ops Mission Cheats

Hey everyone. Today is the day when the first Field Ops mission began. When you first log into Club Penguin, you’ll see that your Elite Spy Phone is flashing. Click on it, and a message will come. After reading it, click on Go There.

You’ll be teleported to the EPF Command Room after clicking on Go There. Once your there, click on the computer screen that says Field Ops. On the computer screen, Gary will tell you about Herbert planting a popcorn explosive device near a big letter “S”.

The place that popped up in my mind was either the Town or Plaza. I went to the Plaza, but it wasn’t anywhere there. So it’s at the Town. Click on the record in the “S” to find the explosive.

After clicking on that, your EPF Spy Phone will start blinking and you’ll have to click on it. Than click on Engage, and something will pop up that shows the inside of the device. You’ll have to detonate it before it causes any harm. To do that, you’ll have to match those little circles with their pair. You have only one minute to do it, and can keep on doing it until you’ve done it right.

After the puzzle, you’ll receive one Career Badge. This can be used to redeem items from the Elite Gear store.

The only items non-members can obtain is a lousy EPF Earpiece that isn’t even visible on your penguin when you wear it. You can access the Elite Gear store from your EPF Spy Phone by clicking on it, and than clicking on the button that’s labeled Elite Gear.

Adventure Party Preparations & More!

Hey everyone! You’ve probably seen the boxes that are scattered all over the island. Well, those boxes are for the Adventure Party which is coming to Club Penguin on June 18. The boxes are filled with plants and other things that you’d expect would be at an adventure party. You can find ’em at the Cove, Town, Plaza, and Beach. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Another interesting item has also been placed in Club Penguin. If you look at the picture at the Beach, you’ll see the Flare Flinger 3000! All you do is click on it, and it sends up a flare in the air. This will help Rockhopper spot us and the island.

Last but not least, the EPF Command Room is finally complete! On June 10, the VR Room was finally added. To go to the VR Room, you’ll have to step into this tube that’ll transport you there.

In the VR Room you can change it into the PSA HQ. Although it’s only a hologram, it still brings back memories… Anyway, you can also complete PSA Missions by clicking on the humongous computer on the right side. You can change the HQ into the 2005 version, the 2007 version, and the 2010 version when Herbert destroyed it.