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Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party!

Hey everyone. I’ve already told you guys, and you’ve probably noticed, that I’ve quit posting about Club Penguin or anything else. Anyway, I’m making this post because I thought it would be pretty important since it’s Club Penguin’s 5th anniversary! When I logged onto Club Penguin, I noticed it changed a little. When you clicked on your player it loaded differently. By that I mean the clothing just…faded on. I guess that’s how I’d explain it. :S Anyway, here’s how the Town looks with the giant Coffee Shop as a cake!

The inside of the Coffee Shop is decorated very well actually.

That small green and orange present next to the large cake contains the party hats! I think they’re actually a pretty good color this year. Last years party hat wasn’t exactly that cool.

Here’s what the Book Room looks like.

Oh, and if you blow out the candles on the cake downstairs you’ll get a cool stamp!

You can also throw different colored snowballs only in the Town, Coffee Shop, and Book Room.