Ninja History


Ever since I joined Club Penguin, I’ve been thinking if ninjas are real or not. Here’s some facts that I gathered around to prove that ninjas are real!


                      That picture shows all the sightings of ninjas.

Long time ago, Rsnail had made Penguin Chat 3. Penguin Chat 3 was kind of similar to Club Penguin, but you could be a ninja!


If you clicked the N in penguin, you’d be able to be a ninja!


This is what the penguins looked like in Penguin Chat 3. Except I’m not really sure about the second picture. It’s probably an edit.

Later when Club Penguin was out, somebody made a myth about being a ninja! The myth was that if you stood still in the Dojo for 30 minutes, you’d turn into a ninja! Unfortunately, the myth was fake.

In the 2008 Halloween Party, penguins saw ninja shadows in the Dojo! Because of all the lightning during the 2008 Halloween Party, the Dojo got damaged! Here’s what the Dojo looked like:


Later that week the Dojo didn’t change that much, but we did find this.

Ninja Training


Many of us starting thinking that this sign meant that we could train to be ninjas. Were we right or not?


The Dojo was all covered with snow outside! Alot of us starting digging, and here’s what it looked afterwards.


Only some of the Dojo had been uncovered. But after awhile, we were half way done with uncovering the Dojo! The Grand Opening of the Dojo started on November 14, 2008.


This is how the whole building looked. This picture was taken during the Christmas Party ’08.


Anyway, this was the mysterious penguin who was first seen digging at the Dojo.

The Mysterious Penguin

We later found out that this mysterious penguin’s name was Sensei. In an article in the Club Penguin Times, it said that the only way to be a ninja was to master the art of “Card-Jitsu.”

Master Card-Jitsu

It took days to finally become a ninja! You had to be a black belt, and then defeat the Sensei. Once you defeated the Sensei, you’d get the ninja eyewear and finally become a ninja!

Once you’re a ninja, you’d have access to the Ninja Hideout!


Ninjas are able to play Card-Jitsu with all their other ninja friends. Members are also able to buy items in the Martial Artworks catalog. The most popular item is the Ninja Outfit. If you wear the ninja outfit and the ninja eyewear together, you’re able to turn into a shadow! All you have to do is press the “D” button.

On September 14, 2009, something unusual happened in Club Penguin. The sky had mysteriously turned orange! Because of that, Sensei had arranged a scavenger hunt for us. We had to find all the fiery items to unlock the Fire Pin. In addition to that, something mysterious was happening at the Dojo Courtyard.


When we went to investigate inside the Ninja Hideout, the place had completely changed!

Ninja Hideout

Ninjas who had access to the Cloud Wave Bracers, were able to turn the enermous wheel, by waving their arm, to drop hot fiery items into the deep pit. But the question is, what is this for?

In October, the Ninja Hideout changed! The sky wasn’t orange anymore, and something was added. The hole with the three circles was decorated into this:

Ninja Room Update

This was to represent the three elements: Water, Fire, & Ice. Outside the Ninja Hideout, the mysterious volcano had started to have more steam come out of it. The volcano looked more active!

Volcano Changing

In the Club Penguin Times Issue #207, Sensei had told us:

Sensei's Fortune Cookie

What does this mean though! Will the smoke rise to the sky? Nobody still didn’t know what that meant. In the Club Penguin Times Issue #208, Sensei once again gave us some more information.

“Ahh, the volcano. Its power is so great it affects us all. It unleashes heat and smoke from the ground… and may unleash fire from the sky.”

When penguins tried to ask him more, he said with a grin on his face,

“Perhaps someone else can give you the answers. Maybe a science master.”

Well, the only science master we knew about is Gary the Gadget Guy. Maybe they’ll tell us more in the next article? But I think there’s a little connection here. If you read this whole thing, you might’ve re-called that the Ninja Hideout was opened because of an event in the Halloween Party. Will something happen at the Halloween Party that’ll give us some more information about the volcano?

Well, Halloween hadn’t arrived yet, but we still found something amazing!

On Oct. 9, penguins went to visit the Ninja Hideout, and found this amazing sight:


Many thought this was normal because this always happened when Halloween came, but many thought this had a connection with the volcano.

Thunderclouds 2

Halloween arrived, and nothing mysterious seemed to have happened. Here’s how this Ninja Hideout looked:

Hallowen Ninja Hideout

Here’s how the Ninja Courtyard looked. (It seems like the black puffle dozed off.)

Halloween Ninja Courtyard

 On Nov. 2nd, when the stormy clouds rolled off, there was a big update in the Dojo Courtyard!

Nov. 2nd Ninja Update

It seems like Sensei wanted the penguins to help “goldsmiths” make amulets! To be a goldsmith, you had to go inside the Ninja Hideout, click on the Martial Artworks catalog, and then purchase the Goldsmith Apron!


To make gold bricks, all you had to do was wear the Goldsmith Apron, and dance! But remember to wear the Goldsmith Apron, nothing else. (Secret: You’re also able to do this with the ninja eyewear!)


Something also happened on that day. I don’t think anybody else noticed, except me…The black puffles had disappeared! Maybe something big was going to happen?

On Nov. 5, Club Penguin Times Issue #212  was released, and it gave us a little more information about the amulets and the volcano.

Amulet calms Volcano

It turns out that these special amulets being made are able to calm the volcano! The amulet is made from gold and a mysterious black gem. Lets see what Sensei has to say about this:

“My students listen – The great volcano is tamed… Soon it will aid us.”

“Come to the Hideout, Our first step will be to forge Ninja Amulets.”

“The time is coming For you all to continue Your ninja journeys…”

On Nov. 8, Billybob gave us a little clue about the volcano journey.


Many of us started guessing and thought this would be the new “Battle Arena”. This might not be right, but we were just curious. But we did know that sooner or later, this mystery would be revealed.

On Nov. 9, the Club Penguin staff decided to show us a little video that’ll show what the members have coming for them.

By watching that video, it seems like the volcano mystery had been solved! Member ninjas were able to become FIRE ninjas, but not so soon.

On Friday the 13th the Club Penguin staff had updated Club Penguin’s main screen.

New main screen

The Club Penguin staff had made all the penguins dress up as ninjas! They also added the volcano in the background, and added the little black puffle. But if you clicked on the hot sauce bottle right next to the Lighthouse, a ninja would come and pick it up! It seems like the agent who would always be there to pick up the Spy Phone wasn’t there.

When we logged into Club Penguin and when to the Ninja Courtyard, it seemed like nothing had changed. The same thing went for the Ninja Hideout. It wasn’t really that different except for the amulet being added to the shop, and the mysterious red tablet.

New Objects Added

The mysterious red tablet was the entrance to the Fire Dojo! But in order to enter the Fire Dojo, you had to have the Amulet, and be a member. Getting the Amulet was very easy. All you had to do was open the Martial Artworks Catalog, and buy the Amulet for 200 coins.


 Never To Be Continued…


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    I Think Ninjas Are Comin’ Out…

  2. Yap, Check the Issue for more info or check my blog.

    Your ninjas picture is cool!

  3. Nice!
    Cant wait for the Ninjas!

  4. Ninjas are already real! 🙂 Or are they?? Just kidding.


  5. Greatpip, I don’t see any typos. Actually, I do, but I’m talking about spelling mistakes…


  6. I don’t blame Greatpip. I did have typos, but I fixed ’em up. I also fixed up most of my spelling mistakes. 😉

    (I can’t beleive I answered back to this comment after a year…)


  8. There is a evil ninja. Ooops i spoke to much!!!!!

  9. Ninja’s have been out a while now.

  10. Good times

  11. I remember when everywone would make rumors about ninjas!

    And i also remembe rthe old dojo.

    Goood Times.

  12. coooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  13. how do we get a free amulet in the dojo

  14. The Ninja Snow Army is looking for penguins to join. Come to the official Ninja Snow Army of Club site Penguin. . We are working hard on getting new members.

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