Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party!

Hey everyone. I’ve already told you guys, and you’ve probably noticed, that I’ve quit posting about Club Penguin or anything else. Anyway, I’m making this post because I thought it would be pretty important since it’s Club Penguin’s 5th anniversary! When I logged onto Club Penguin, I noticed it changed a little. When you clicked on your player it loaded differently. By that I mean the clothing just…faded on. I guess that’s how I’d explain it. :S Anyway, here’s how the Town looks with the giant Coffee Shop as a cake!

The inside of the Coffee Shop is decorated very well actually.

That small green and orange present next to the large cake contains the party hats! I think they’re actually a pretty good color this year. Last years party hat wasn’t exactly that cool.

Here’s what the Book Room looks like.

Oh, and if you blow out the candles on the cake downstairs you’ll get a cool stamp!

You can also throw different colored snowballs only in the Town, Coffee Shop, and Book Room.


Inkayacu paracasensis – A new giant penguin

Today paleontologists found a giant penguin that’s more than a thousand years old and they found some very interesting facts about it. Search Inkayacu paracasensis to see more.

I Quit!

Hey everybody I quit Club Penguin blogging. The end. Sorry ’bout that. I think I’m gonna move to Pokemon Blogging at . I’ll start there as soon as possible.

No More Posting…

Hey peeps. Umm… I’m really sorry about not posting lately. School has begun, and I’ve decided to pay attention to things that are more important to me. Club Penguin is beginning to look like a childish game to me, and I’m not that interested in it anymore. I think I won’t be a member anymore in Club Penguin since it kind of seems like a waste of money to me. I will still make posts about Club Penguin, only if it’s interesting. The Mountain Expedition that’s going on currently is really lame, and I don’t wanna post about it.

Stamp Book Glitch?

Hey everyone. My membership ended recently, and I decided to see if my Stamp Book was the way it was when I was a member. Well when I checked, a little pop up came and it said my Stamp Book is in storage and I need to become a member to unlock it. It’s exactly what happens when you check how your igloo looked when you used to be a member. You click on the box, and it shows a small version of the way your igloo used to be. Anyway, this time there was a little mix up. It said that this is how my Stamp Book looked.

Has this happened to you guys? My Stamp Book looked way different than that. First of all, I don’t even have that Astro Ship pin! What if this is Rsnail’s Stamp Book? Maybe since my name is Rsnail 1st on Club Penguin, they mistook it for Rsnail? Well, tell me what you think in the comments!

Mountain Expedition – Coming Soon

Hey everyone. The Mountain Expedition is almost near, and I felt like I should make a little post about it to inform you all.

First of all, here’s why the Mountain Expedition is gonna start. It all started with two brave jetpackers flying around for no apparent reason, when they suddenly spotted something out of the ordinary. Although their jetpacks aren’t able to support them to get high enough to see whats at the top of the mountain, they do know that something is there for sure.

So, starting on August 13 we’ll be able to climb the enormous mountain and explore and see the mysteries that await us. I wonder what there is on Club Penguin mountains? Maybe we’ll find Herbert and his accomplice hiding somewhere, right? Well, we’re just going to have to wait and see what’s up there.

Oh, and there has also been some preparation for this Mountain Expedition. As you can see, there are tea kettles, pots, and life preservers. I wonder what that box full of decorations is for? It seems like it contains a cardboard cloud and mountain. There’s also a sled with a couple of wooden logs, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, and some pizza (yum!)

Ok, well that’s about it! Remember to buy your essential mountain gear at the Gift Shop, and await your journey to climb the mountain starting on August 13th.

I forgot to mention this. August 13th, is going to be on a Friday. Which means that this adventure to climb a mountain will start on Friday the 13th. Do you think something bad will happen while we climb the mountain? Leave your comments below!

August Sneak Peeks

Hey everyone. A new sneak peek was posted on the Club Penguin blog, and this sneak peek was an interesting picture.

Well, the first picture is about the mountain expedition that will be starting August 13! As always, there will be something special for members up there. Could the water dojo be up here?

The second picture is probably some mountain gear. On August 6th, check out the Gift Shop catalog to see an assortment of items that’ll help you climb any mountain!

The third picture probably means more stamps! I’m guessing there will now be stamps that you can earn IN the game by grabbing it or something. Oh, and there’ll be alot of updates for Elite Agents. Keep your eyes on the Command Room and your Elite Gear.

How To Rotate Club Penguin Stamps

Hey everyone. Unfortunately this little post is for members only since only members are able to use stamps. Anyway, did you know you could rotate your stamps on your stamp book? Here’s how:

1. Click on your playercard, and click on the stamps button.

2. Your stamp book will pop up and than click on the pencil on the bottom right hand corner.

3. After you’ve clicked on the pencil, click on the stamp you’d like to rotate. Than use your left and right arrow keys to rotate the picture.

Here’s how it’ll look. Have fun!

Club Penguin Stamps Guide

Hey everyone. The stamps feature is finally out, and this post will explain everything about it. This feature came out yesterday, July 27. Anyway, I was a little too busy to post about it, but now I can.

First of all, when this update happened something else also happened too. The main menu for all the Club Penguin games changed. And unfortunately, many of the games are now members only. For example, survival mode and competition mode in the surfing game is now for members. You can only do a few levels on astro barrier, until you reach the members only part. What’s happening to Club Penguin. 😦

The stamps feature has been a big hit, and it’s also very fun. To earn stamps, you’ll have to do certain things to earn them. To see how many stamps you have, just click on yourself and you’ll see.

When you click on the stamp button, your stamp book will pop up! Here’s how it’ll first look.

If you’re a member, you’ll also be able to edit the cover of your stamp book! Just click on the pencil on the bottom right hand corner.

After that, you’ll be shown the editing screen. You’ll be able to scroll around to see your stamps and pins and than put them on the cover of your stamp book. You can also change the color, highlight, pattern, and icon!

If you’re curious about how many stamps your friend has, just click on them, and than click on the stamp button. You’ll than be able to see what stamps your friend has.

Well, hope you have fun earning stamps! Oh, and here’s two new backgrounds that Club Penguin added to the login screen.


Hey everyone. Uhh… I have a little question for you all. Do any of you read and understand Japanese? Leave a comment if you do! Please!