About PiplupU

Update: Well, this website won’t really be about Club Penguin anymore, but since I put in all that hard work for it, I’m going to leave this website the way it is.

This site started on Sep. 4, 2008.

Hi, I’m PiplupU. I’m a boy and I enjoy playing Club Penguin! I usually go on any servers that my friends are on. I joined Club Penguin somewhere in October 2007, a few days before they gave out the 2nd party hat. My penguin Piplup U is my rarest penguin, unfortunately he got banned forever due to a hacker. When Piplup U got banned forever, I made another account, Rsnail 1st. I have three other penguins named Supernova64, Dwljk, and Paper Planes. Those three penguins were given to me by my friends.


Chat: http://xat.com/piplupu

If you want to know more about me, than comment below. Please don’t cuss or spam while commenting. Your comments will be immediately deleted if you do so. 🙂

  1. nice chatroom, mines is http://xat.com/cpcran/ make sure to visit it

  2. i love xats they are really cool

  3. i know fano, He is really cool.

  4. Cool! I’m in the same grade as you! XD

  5. Awesome, you may know me! Visit my site at http://www.melbery.wordpress.com your site is amazing but im having a hard time trying to figure out the password for the cool people page and its making me a bit angry… Anyway hope you like my site please comment!

  6. dude can you tell me the password for cool people! you can just email the password to me

  7. Hi Pip! Long time no “talk”! Guess what, I went to Houston!! 😉 Yeah lol cool!!! K, bye!! tty on chat

  8. hey pip sup? just wanted to say hi lol

  9. Well finally he’s not.

  10. hi pip,wats up? lol

  11. What Theme did you use for this blog? 🙂
    PiplupU: Silver is the New Black by Gregory Auld 😎

  12. Thanks 🙂

  13. cool penguin, paper planes, i know that song 😀

  14. Hey Piplup If you are soo interested in Pokemon.
    Then let me become your author. I am super good and smart on Pokemon! 😉

  15. i love penguin

  16. Being banned forever is bad but I’m a member!

  17. PIPLUP wats up nice to hear from u its me 2rew from tg i didnt know ur acc was hacked all of mine were but now im looking for a cp website do u think i could become and author here?????

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