Funny Pics

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These are my funny pics! Hope you enjoy them!

Talking Skeleton

I'm not lying! I saw that skeleton laugh at me!

Un Freeze Fish

I forgot to turn off the AC!


The poor little kid wasn't quick enough. 😥


I hope nobody was looking. 😯

Penguin = Puffle

My mom treats me like an animal. 😥


My mom thinks her puffle is so important. 🙄

Cactus Cowboy

I think that cactus just spoke to me...

Dinner With My Black Puffle

That never happened!

Got Poor Eventually And Couldn't Feed Puffle

I got too poor eventually and couldn't feed my puffles!

Holding Up The Sign

This is why chics dig me. 😎

Puffle With Surf Board

Now that's what I call cool!

Guess who I saw at the Forest during Music Jam!

Yellow Puffle Singing

Guy Getting Hit

Whatever you do, don't look up...



Flying Car


Too small to read

How does Club Penguin expect us to read that. 😐

Too short

How are we supposed to reach that!

Scaredy Cat

The movie hasn't even started yet!

I think they’re brothers…

Pumpking Brothers

Animal Cruelty


Mullet Eaten

Hey! Who ate the fish?!

Who’d wanna adopt them? Wait… Those are the two brothers!

Homeless Pumpkins

Chocolate Thief

You chocolate thief!


I think he/she has it the opposite!

Are you serious Frankenstein? Even I wouldn’t do that. You have a dirty little mind…

Bad Monster

Filthy Water

Wow. That water is really dirty.

The green puffle is going to eat her while she’s sleeping!

OH MY GOSH! Who could've drowned that poor little boy...

Wow! He really is that stupid!

I was asking the mirror, not you. 😐

It was too late to save my black puffle... Dumb orange puffle. 😥

  1. Nice!


  2. lol, i like the first one.

  3. your comment had been replied in my Funny Pictures page! And if you think the picture are too large, you can edit the picture by moving your cursor to the picture, than click the first column that show up, than you can edit your picture. If you are not sure, e-mail me.

    ~Waddle On 😀

  4. Uhh… think you don’t have to e-mail me, your question is published to the new pages I made- Questions and Answer.

    P.S: Cool Pin Banner you got! 😀
    PiplupU: Thanks Hssa!

  5. Hi
    Neat pics
    PiplupU: Thanks Ajeight.

  6. Do you have any hotmail? Because if you have and when we are online, we can meet each other and be buddy. And we can chat about how to moderate your Xat!

    ~Waddle On!
    Please e-mail me at

  7. PS: I need membership too! 🙂

  8. Lol bring it teddy! and puffle

    ~R0cK 0n~

  9. I like the crocodile one! It’s pretty funny to me!

  10. Yeah! Good edit!


  11. lol i like the last one
    PiplupU: Yea, The Alligator One.

  12. lol i like the crocidile one!

  13. clubpenguinpals1

    COOL PIPLUP U YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 😆 I lyk the last 2 there me favs ❗

  15. cool pics! I’d lvoe to see more

  16. lol i like the crocodile one and the skeloton one. they r both so funny!

  17. Nice pictures! I would love to see more !

  18. they are really well set out! grat job man!

  19. Those are funny! Piplup U,good name i kind of have the same one LOL


  20. You are to funny! I love your pics they are lots of laughs! You rock:~)

    Jennifer Estok

  21. 1st pic’s cool : D
    PipupU: Thanks!

  22. I like how the orange puffle is going to run over the black puffle.

  23. wat is ur email? if u see this shoot me a email oh and by the way awsome pics

  24. theclubpenguincode

    These pics are great!

    ~Pingu Pingey

  25. Wow, a lot of these pictures are actually funny! I’m used to seeing boring funny pics on other people’s sites, but these are great!

  26. I like the dead puffles and the mirror one. lol!

  27. lol 🙂

  28. Funny and awesome love it…..<3

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